LRP + Kudos to Pure Barre Hollywood

Everyone loves a good Barre workout. Especially Ballerinas.

But even more so when you know and trust that the studio comes from a place of knowing exactly what Ballerinas at the barre do to lift, tone, and burn those amazing bodies of theirs.

This week I give massive Kudos to former Client and BFF Vanessa Henderson

Vanessa, who is also a Dancer in the Industry, has been a Pure Barre instructor for 2 years when the Hollywood studio she taught at was about to be sold by the owner.  With some good thought and support from friends, family, and other dancers, Vanessa put on her big girl pants and said "Yep. I'm gonna buy this sumbitch!" I'm paraphrasing, but you get it. 

So Kudos to you, Vanessa. That sumbitch is some work out!

I encourage everyone to snag up their New Clients Special.  $100 for One Month Unlimited

Kudos + Congratulations on being a fancy Business Lady, Vanessa!

Lindsay Rosenberg