LRP + What Are Kudos?

I get really excited when I see former clients of mine who book work, or start something big, or just succeed in general. I'd say 90% of my excitement is pure joy for them, to watch them develop into the human they set out to be is really inspired. But who are we kidding. 10% of that joy may be a little selfish. In my narcotic mind I love to feel like I was apart of that success process.  

You walked out of these doors bright eyed and bushy tailed after your headshot session ready to take over the world, and in only a few months you booked something you've only dreamt about. So, if our Agents are right when they say "you're not booking work because of your photos", than I can easily think, that you in fact booked this work because of your awesome photos, right? (okay, maybe your talent too) But can I celebrate as well? Totally.

So I've decided to give Kudos to my Clients that I stumble upon that are doing really great things. I think it's important to recognize everyone's accomplishments. (Even if 10% of it may be a little self promoting.) 

If you ever want to let LRP know what awesome things you've been up to, submit the form below and let me help you help me promote us. 

Tell me anything you'd want to share.

  • Did you open a business?
  • Win an award?
  • Book a rad job?
  • Have a show you want people to attend?
  • Or even break up with your boyfriend and you just want to get a pat on the back?

        Give me all the deats and I'll share the info. 

Let's be honest. We're the only ones reading this part of my site, so don't be shy.

Shit. I'll give you Kudos just for submitting this form.

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Lindsay Rosenberg