dbleudazzled + LRP

Destiney Bleu, Owner of DBLEUDAZZLED believes "shine never goes out of style".  And I couldn't agree more.

And not just because I agree with every thing this girl says. 

I'm beyond obsessed with the new shit we shot.

It's everything you want out of a collection. It's girly, it's sexy, it sparkles and makes you think about the fact that you probably don't have enough lingerie in your wardrobe while questioning the very thought "why don't I have ANY lingerie in my wardrobe?" Followed by a great justification of why you need to buy these pieces for your wardrobe. And BOOM.

I had to snag this vintage beaded number Nikki is wearing (upper right). I can't wait to wear it over everything.

Yes, everything...  That includes over the bridesmaid dress I'm wearing for my brother's wedding. I'm gonna be so cute.